Never a Good Test-Taker…

I have never been a good test-taker.


To this day, the thought of a standardized, fill-in-the-bubble test makes me frantically look for an alternative.

I would rather write a dissertation and stitch-bind it all by hand rather than take my No. 2 pencil and fill in those dots.

I think chiseling my paper into a stone tablet, Moses style, would be nicer than being assessed based on my ability to fill in a bubble.

So, it should be no surprise that my body needed some extra coaxing when it came to recent blood tests we needed to get before I was cleared for insemination.

It seems as if my platelets share my instinct to hide from testing. Rather than run out of the room in a cold sweat, they chose to all band together, nicely sticking to one another. Clearly, this was not ideal, causing my tests to come back as if I had a bleeding (yes! bleeding) disorder. Even though I never have experienced spontaneous or uncontrollable bleeding, the fertility clinic was concerned, which thus begun the recent trips to the hematology/oncology center at GBMC for testing. 

We had a great doctor who was convinced from the moment that she saw me that I was not going to begin hemorrhaging all over her office, nor was I going to be a big-bruised monster from bad platelets. She said that I was fine, but just to make sure she needed to get 7 vials of blood drawn to check my levels. Today was my follow-up appointment and of course, all was fine.

Weeks of worrying that I had cancer, lupus, a bleeding problem that would cause me to hemorrhage in delivery, were all eased because they drew my blood in a blue top vial which resulted in the proper count being collected. 

The doctor was very happy to give me the news, and we shared the always awkward “do we hug? we are excited, but do we embrace?” moment as I was walking out of her office. I chose to pretend she wasn’t looking longingly at me for a squeeze, and merely smiled and giggled as she told me to come visit her when I am pregnant.

So… now my blood is safe, my body likes my platelets and I am good to go! The only thing that stands between Lauren and I and a baby is this damned psychosocial consult… more on that later… it is a work in progress.

Things are lining up for a baby.

Off to cook a tasty, fertility-friendly dinner!!

 – Rene



4 thoughts on “Never a Good Test-Taker…

  1. Oh this is soo exciting that you are starting the quest to be mommies AND are blogging about it!! =) I’ll be following!

    I’d like to begin a similar adventure in the next 5 years but Brett isn’t so sure.

    Were you both on the same page with this decision or Rene did you have to bribe Lauren with some delicious confections? 🙂

  2. Haha, most of the time I do bribe Lauren will tasty food or the promise of a gourmet meal… but she actually led this adventure.

    We have talked about it for a while, and I have been ready forever, but Lauren needed a little time and I was giving it to her. Then one day she said, “I’m ready!” and we started the process.

    That was a few months ago and we have been moving moving moving on this process ever since.

    Most of the time I think she is more excited than me!

    Thanks for following!!

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