Warm Foods aren’t Warm at All

As part of this whole baby process, I have been getting acupuncture treatments to increase my likelihood of conceiving.  The docs don’t think there will be any trouble, but considering the chances for anyone (using a clinic or good ole fashioned baby-makin in the bedroom) getting pregnant the first time is only about 15 – 20%, we are increasing our chances anyway possible.

So weekly acupuncture treatments for 2 months leading up to the first insemination is our plan, as well is a diet that follows traditional Chinese Medicine. The concept is that you eat “warm” foods to increase your core temperature which makes a snuggly and cozy place for baby to live. It’s like turning on the heat for the winter.

Thankfully, there is a lot of information out there on what is “warm” and “hot” because my initial assumption of subsisting on a whole ton of soup and tea is wrong.

Some warm foods include: black tea, cherries and leeks; hot foods: garlic, ginger and onions.

Sounds good, eh?

Well, counteract that whole memorization mess with the fact that “cold,” “cool,”  and “neutral” foods (as well as acidic foods) can counteract the effectiveness of the other stuff we are mixing together to eat… this is a crazy process. Add in a touch of gluten intolerance and a splash lactose intolerance and we have a fun situation involving tons of green ginger tea (but not too much for the caffeine!!!), lots of fajitas on corn tortillas and eating dried cherries like they are going out of style.

And Lauren is being wonderful. “Is that a warm food?” is uttered multiple times a day and she is being very doting and loving. I can only imagine how it is going to be when I am actually pregnant. I am sure she will wrap me in bubble wrap and insist I use a wheelchair to get around… can’t be too careful with walking, ya know.

For now, I am off to cook some “warm” foods, drink some wine (this is the last weekend of any alcohol before we enter the TTC window for insemination) and enjoy this sunny Sunday afternoon.

On the menu: chard, chorizo and beet pasta — yum!


2 Tbsp of olive oil

3 cloves of garlic – chopped

2 Tsbp of paprika

Dash of salt / pepper

1/4 cup of freshly grated parmesan cheese

1 large bunch of rainbow chard

3 large beets — cubed and steamed

1 package of turkey chorizo – cubed

gluten-free pasta


1. Saute garlic in olive oil for a few minutes, being careful not to burn.

2. Add chorizo and cook for 5 minutes.

3. Add beets and saute for a few minutes, until tender.

4. Add chard and cook until wilted. Season with spices.

5. Remove from heat, serve over pasta and top with parmesan.


3 thoughts on “Warm Foods aren’t Warm at All

  1. WOW! Lala sent me the link to this awesome blog when it started and I HAVE BEEN CHECKING!! I really do appreciate your updates- and WOW I wish wish WISH I were there to partake in all of your cooking adventures! Glad to hear your lady is dotin’ on you… you deserve nothing less!

  2. Hehe…Jeannie said “Lala”…giggle giggle!
    I’m glad you posted this recipe since it’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life. And NO, I’m not being dramatic 🙂 Now I have the recipe and won’t have to say, “hey rene, can you make…?” In either event, I’m sure I won’t actually be able to cook this meal as yumm-ily as you do, but it is a comfort to know the roadmap is there shall I ever get adventurous.

    In other related news, I love this blog. Keep it coming, and better double check if cherry flavored craisins count as warm food too…ya know, since they’re so similar to dried cherries and all… 😉

    ❤ you!

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