Thankful for Tryptophan

Lauren just pulled the turkey out of the oven, and so I only have a few moments until I am beconned to assist with the side dishes that need to be finished before we dine.

While I have a few moments, I think it’s time to create a small list of things we are thankful for this holiday season:

1. A healthy, happy family

2. The new appreciations for the little things in life that this TTC process has helped us honor. 

3. Two fun and fantastic pups that keep us always on our toes and entertained.

4. Each other — insert ::awwwww:: here.   Or gag. It’s your choice.

5. Great jobs that we both love.

and last but not least, I am most thankful that Lauren only has 2 weeks left until she is done her MBA! 

Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your tryptophan comas. 🙂


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