We’re Not Crazy

After jumping through a ton of hoops, calling all around town for the perfect evaluator for our psychosocial evaluation and shelling out a bunch of money… we got our evaluation done! yay!

We should be hearing from the woman who did the eval this week to confirm that she sent it, and then will hear from Shady Grove when it is approved. The clock is ticking people! Let’s move it!

Where we are right now (over-sharing about to start): According to the fertility trackers out there and based on my cycles in the past, I should be getting my period (Cycle Day 1 or CD1) on or around December 11th. That is the first day of the cycle in which we will inseminate. As the preparation for this big day and all of the days leading up to the office baby-makin’, I have cut down on caffeine, cut out all alcohol, increased those damned warm foods and been trying to remain stress-free.

Of course, it figures, that of all things in the world I want a peppermint latte, a glass of Pinot Noir, some ice cream and have been running around like crazy with school work and grants. So much for sticking to protocol. At least I am remembering to take my prenatal vitamin. Oh, and as far as that fun warm foods thing… I went to Safeway yesterday to buy some ginger tea because I forgot to make some homemade ginger tea, and I bought organic ginger tea. The label said that it aids in digestion, which I don’t really need, but I figured if it was ginger that it couldn’t do any harm.


::oversharing – skip to next paragraph to avoid::  You would have thought I ate a bottle of laxatives. And, to make my life more fun and entertaining, we were at a going-away dinner party for our friends. Needless to say, the evening was cut short and I enjoyed the Ravens game from the couch last night.

Now that you are totally grossed out and freaked out by my oversharing entry… on to other news…

Our Thanksgiving was nice and quiet and calm. It was just Lauren, her mom and me and it was wonderful. We had a really really great time just relaxing, spending time together and eating amazing food. The next morning Lauren found a beautiful handwriten note from her mom, talking about how excited she is that she will be a grandmother (sometime soon) and a donation to our “fertility fund.” How fantastic is that?? What a great Black Friday surprise.  She also referred to our unborn, unconceived baby as Katie. I am sure she will do this until we eventually have a baby and name it something else.

Until then, goodnight from Lauren, Rene, our furbabies Casey and Sable and “Katie.” 🙂


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