Put on Your Seatbelt — We are Starting the Ride!

For the first time in my life, I was excited to start my cycle today.  I think Lauren has not stopped smiling. Now, if the insemination doesn’t work, we will not be smiling next month… but for now — join me in a big ear-to-ear grin!

From here, the plan is to go to the doctor on Thursday or so to get some bloodwork taken and get an ultrasound of my ovaries. At this appointment, they will be checking to see how many viable eggs I have that are potential for release during ovulation. From what I understand and from what I have read, they would like my eggs to be at least 15 mm in order to consider them potentials for pregnancy. On Thursday, I will get an estimate of the sizes we are looking for… so fingers crossed!

I will be sure to post on Thursday, if not before. I am also going to try to convince Lauren to at least take a photo of us heading to the doctor, if not in the doctor’s office for the blog. We’ll see how that goes…

Please send us lots of good luck for the ultrasound. Eeeeee! So excited to start this adventure.


5 thoughts on “Put on Your Seatbelt — We are Starting the Ride!

  1. Re: Comment Above

    Stupid WordPress reverted to initial user settings. I’m going by Persephone and posting on Blogger, if you’re interested. We had our first IUI this weekend, but not counting on it to stick due to timing.

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