Sweet Dreams are Made of… Kittens???

At my acupuncturist appointment on Monday, I mentioned that I had a strange dream where we had a very very tall crib that I couldn’t reach into without climbing on a stool. I think it stemmed from me bitching to Lauren that I cannot reach the microwave when it is on top of the fridge (I am short!). 

And so of course, now I am having totally wacky dreams.

Monday night I had 2 dreams.

In the first, Lauren and I were out with friends and forgot to change the baby’s diaper. After realizing it had been days (yes, in the dream, we said days!) since we last changed the baby, I went to do so. Once that task was completed, I lifted the baby to breastfeed and looked down and it was a kitten. To me, in my dream, it was totally normal that I was breastfeeding a small kitten that was chewing holes in my shirt. I remember thinking how much I do not like cats in the dream and being so bummed out that we had a kitten and not a little girl.

The second dream that I had was short, but involved me holding our daughter and suddenly realizing that Lauren had taken her to get her ears pierced. She was an infant and I was so pissed at Lauren for “puncturing her head!” 

Last night I was too exhausted to remember my dreams, and tonight I am focusing (finally!) on schoolwork, so I am sure I will be passing out as soon as my head hits the pillow again. I will be sure to post if there are any wild animals attached to my nipples or any more holes in our unconceived, unborn child.


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