Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Here we are. 6:40 a.m. on Saturday morning. There is a blizzard outside and they are calling for up to 2 feet of snow… and what are we doing???


I called yesterday and they confirmed that they are open no matter what and that we can go in today for our bloodwork and ultrasound.

Today is the day that they will tell us when we can inseminate. YAYAYAYAYAY!

I know it’s a blizzard and some people get weird about snow… but I have a sort of superstition of sorts that always makes me smile when it is snowing or raining.

When I was in high school, my best friend was hit by a car and killed. It profoundly changed my life and is something I will never forget.

After her death, I remember hearing a country song on the radio by Blake Shelton — “Holes in the Floor of Heaven.” I always thought it was a nice song about remembering someone who died and thinking of them when it rains (rain symbolizing that it is their tears) I thought it was nice and gave me a nice feeling… but then…

It rained on my high school graduation.

It rained on my college graduation.

It rained on my wedding.

It rained on the day of our first fertility appointment for bloodwork and ultrasound.

It is snowing today – on the day of our second appointment to find out when we will inseminate and start this new life.

Some people don’t like the rain… but it makes me smile. And thankful.


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