Are You Gonna Eat That?…

So, today I am 4 days post our first insemination.

Technically speaking, there is a ton of stuff going on in my body if I am indeed pregnant, but nothing specific that I can or should feel. Therefore everything for the next 3-5 days is probably all psychosomatic. I could be pregnant, but we won’t know for another 10 days or so… so until then I am just chalking up anything I feel or think to my own craziness. All the books, articles, etc. say that most women cannot feel things at this point, but ya never know. Then again, I could be making it all up.

Anyway, I have been trying to remain calm, cool and collected while assuming that I am not pregnant so that I do not get myself too excited if I am, or disappointed if I am not. I have been doing a relatively good job of not getting to excited — while ignoring Lauren’s “what does that mean?” “how do you feel?” and “should you do that?” question ambush.

But, if we can talk any crazy-brain symptoms, let’s begin with my recent ability to inhale all of my food in a matter of moments. Yep. Don’t think I even taste things while practicing my recent consumption techniques.

**** Note: We do not eat like this every day/weekend/all the time. The holidays are evil, calorie-boosting times.****

Yesterday, Lauren and I went to Qdoba for lunch. When we got there I honestly was not hungry, but by the time we sat down I was famished. I looked up in the middle of my gorging to see Lauren’s horrified face looking back at me. I think I growled at her and then said “if you let me eat the rest of the chips and queso, I will be nice and let you eat the rest of your burrito!”  She looked nervous and held on tightly to her foil-wrapped Mexican goodness. After a nasty glare she gingerly handed over her burrito so that I could have some.

Do I think this means that I am pregnant? Maybe.

Do I think it can be chalked up to my recent “warm” diet of chicken, chicken, rice and peppers? Absolutely. I think my body is making up for it’s lost nutrients.

Other than longingly looking at everyone’s meals, I have been doing ok.

I have been sleeping a ton and have been pretty grossed out by a lot of stuff lately.

We ordered pizza today since our house is barren and neither of us wanted to venture to the grocery store (which is across the street… yeah… pitiful, I know). I was so excited when it showed up, ate a piece and then was repulsed by the look and smell of it. Lauren just threw the rest of it out because I begged her to remove it from the house. I think I am just sensitive and cranky. Lauren just smiles and giggles at me — I think she suspects something else…

The only other thing is that I am a cranky cranky irritable monster. I have been trying to be nice and smile and be kind, but even as I sit here and Lauren makes chocolate chip cookies… I want to run into the kitchen, snatch the hand-mixer from her hands and chuck it into the backyard. That damn thing makes so much noise. It’s driving me crazy!!!!!!! Ah! But at least (irritable moment) it is keeping her from staring at me!

That’s all for now. I will be sure to update this week as things change, or do not.

Here’s to the last week of 2009!


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