Does Anyone Else Smell Bacon?!?!?!

I just arrived at my office, and the smell of cooked bacon is absolutely overwhelmingly repulsive. Nobody else can smell it. They smell coffee. I even went to check in the kitchen and make sure I am not crazy. They did in fact have bacon this morning — 3 hours ago — for breakfast.

I am now sitting at my desk with the windows wide open to air out the smell. It’s freezing cold outside, but it is worth it to rid my office of the smell.

Oh — and I had a weird dream last night in which I could my zygote (or whatever it is) splitting into two — twins! eek. It was very strange and real.

Ok… off to work. Hopefully they cook something mild for lunch. Like salad.


One thought on “Does Anyone Else Smell Bacon?!?!?!

  1. I am updating my blogroll and thought I’d stop by. I’m around the same point you are in this crazy process (testing Jan 4 for my first IUI)… hoping for the best for us both!

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