Beans, Beans and More Beans

Today is a new day.

No strange smells today that made me gag, but I have discovered a new found love for… anything that is in my path!!

I think I ate my weight in food today. My appetite was insatiable.

The sad part… meat grosses me out beyond belief, so my food groups now consist of legume protein and carbs.

Example: Breakfast was attempted. The thought of anything typical (those gross, giggly white and yellow chicken fetuses in shells — or gluten free cereal) just disgusted me. As a compromise, I ate a can of black beans. I knew I had to eat something… but nothing else looked good… so instead of scarfing down a handful of cookies, I ate beans. My coworkers hated me later.

Lunch was some leftover pasta from last night’s dinner. Snacks included some dried cherries, many handfuls of wasabi peas and a diet pepsi. This was around 2:00 p.m.  I also conned my coworker into giving me half of his Twix bar. Yum.

Dinner looked great, but I just couldn’t do it. Lauren made a beautiful roast chicken which she and her mom loved. I, on the other hand, had one bite and gingerly placed it onto Lauren’s plate for her to eat. I proceeded to eat potatoes, asparagus and a slice of cheese. I even asked if we had more beans.

If this whole wacky food aversion and hoover-like absorbtion of food is any indication that I am pregnant, god help me and Lauren through the first trimester.

This is my chance to give Lauren a lot of credit for the shit deals with from me.

When we got home from dinner last night at 7:30, I was exhausted. Dead tired. My eyes hurt I was so drained. By 8:30 I was heading up to bed. You should have seen her sad face. Tonight is probably a repeat of the same thing (yawn!). But she said goodnight and rubbed my back as I snoozed. I slept for 10 hours and then took a short nap this afternoon.

She also is privy to crazy, hormonal Rene that spews fire at the dog while we are playing Wii (the dog is scared of Wii and thinks that any motion with the remote is a threat — it made me a little cranky while playing tennis). Through it all, Lauren just smiles and says I love you. What a good lady!

Off to bed to get a ridiculous amount of sleep, get up and hate all food and then complain that I am starving all day. Fun fun fun.


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