Sympathy Pregnancy…

I think Lauren has sympathy pregnancy.

She has taken a front seat on this emotional roller-coaster and does not seem happy to have all of the dips and turns.

Just a moment ago, she lamented the unfortunate debacle that was our pumpkin waffles yesterday morning. The intention was fantastic and the waffles smelled amazing – unfortunately they all stuck to the waffle plates in the machine and turned into a big doughy mess. She was pretty upset. What she doesn’t realize is that I am so hungry sometimes that I may have just eaten that batter off of the machine.

We also had a moment of… shall we say… miscommunication, yesterday when she wanted to cook dinner for me and I wanted nothing that we had in the house. I didn’t know what I wanted, or when, or how… but I knew it wasn’t coming from our fridge.  It was really frustrating to not be able to tell her what I wanted or why I didn’t want any of her suggestions.

To clear my head and figure out what I needed, I headed to the grocery store… only I didn’t make it there. I ended up at a friend’s house down the street. Our friend has been pregnant and I thought would understand the starving and indecisive state I was feeling. She understood, fed me a chocolate pudding cup (which was like heaven!) and we hung out for a bit.  It was nice to talk to a friend and have her explain that sometimes, plain, boring things are best.

When Lauren came over, we talked — with a few tears from both of us — about how just a bowl of plain pasta was often all I need. I think she understands a little better now, and I have to work on verbalizing my insanities of this… dare we be presumptuous and say, pregnancy…

My goal for this week is to be calm, decisive and cheerful as we await the results of the pregnancy test.

We have taken a few tests at home… but I am not telling what the results are yet. We want confirmation from the doctor before really proclaiming anything…


5 thoughts on “Sympathy Pregnancy…

  1. Wow. So it looks like one of us new girls is making it on the first try, maybe. I won’t congratulate you until you know for sure, though.

    I love the new look, btw. I’m not going crazy, right? You changed the design of the blog?

  2. Eep! So exciting!

    My cravings and aversions were different in both pregnancies. With Felix, I could eat anything, anywhere, anytime. Mika, on the other hand, had me changing my mind every 2 min about what interested me and what I could actually keep down.

  3. 🙂 I will be permanently stocked up on pudding cups and you can feel free to have a drive by snack ANYTIME. I owe you one, after all 🙂
    PS – I feel like a celeb when I see myself mentioned in your blog, LOL!

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