Right NOW!

One of the things I have quickly learned is that there is a sense of urgency with things that was never quite there before.

Sure, in the past I would be hungry and I could wait until dinner or my next meal… not now.

Now, it is an emergency.

A get-out-of-my-way-before-I-harm-you emergency.

If I am hungry, I need to eat NOW. Right NOW. Not in 10 minutes. Not after my nap. NOW. And yes, you might have to prepare the food for me.

Lauren has luckily caught on and can sense when the urgency is upon us. It is usually foreshadowed by some crankiness or a few crocodile tears.

I also need to sleep — right NOW; pee — right NOW and be hugged — right NOW.

It’s not meant to be bitchy, or mean, or as Lauren calls it — scary — it just is.

Everything is urgent.

My nap every afternoon after work is urgent.

Going to the bathroom every hour is urgent.

Eating a small meal every 3 hours is urgent.

I like to chalk it up to a very needy creature living inside of me that sucks all of my nutrients, energy and bladder-control away from me. And how can you say no to that?…


3 thoughts on “Right NOW!

  1. And, just think, that needy little creature (parasite just sounds bad now, doesn’t it?) is only going to get bigger and more needy! You are in for a fun ride. šŸ™‚ (Seriously, though, I loved being pregnant both times and I am crossing my fingers that it will happen at least one more time in the future…)

    It is really fascinating to see how things progress and develop from trimester to trimester – the 2nd trimester was awesome because I ate, ate, ate but still slept pretty well. Have you signed up for some sort of weekly update e-mail thing that let’s you know what that little “creature” is doing in there?

    I am so stoked for you guys still! Is this going to be a September baby?

  2. I have not signed up for an email yet, but probably should get on that! haha.

    It is totally crazy to realize that I am pregnant, and right now it really only kicks in when I pee a billion times a day or when I am starving. I think once I start to show it will definitely be weird.

    We are so excited, Sarah. Lauren just bounces around the house all day. I don’t think she has stopped smiling.

    Oh! and yes! This will be a September baby! Looking like a due date of the 15th, but you know us Beams… we are always early! šŸ™‚ Maybe she/he will get to share a birthday with my fantastic cousin šŸ™‚

  3. Congrats! I found your blog from babycenter. I’m due 9/9/10 with my second. So much fun is ahead! Happy & healthy 9 months!

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