Go, Little Sesame Seed, Go!

Well, I continue to live at the doc’s office, getting blood taken every 2 or 3 days. They are super diligent and great, but really… so much blood, so many appointments — come on guys!  Trust me, I appreciate it that they are so attentive, but my doc appointment at 6:30 yesterday morning was rough.

Good thing is that we are super on top of how the hCG level is coming along.

If you remember — you can just look at the last entry if not — my hCG level on 01/07 was 175. They wanted it to be between 50 and 100 so I was good to go!  They did call on Friday and say that my progesterone was normal (they want it to be at least 15 and mine was 18.2) but just to be super attentive, they prescribed me lovely progesterone suppositories. The fun doesn’t stop, I tell ya!

So, yesterday they called me and said that my hCG level was 975. Holy hormones, Batman! 975?  They want it to double every other day or so… would have made it around 700 or so. Apparently this baby is really determined to go and go and go. I go for more bloodwork tomorrow.

Once I hit 1500 I will go in for a sonogram. They think that will be next week! Ahhhh!!! Already!!?

I can’t wait. Lauren is super excited. The dogs have no idea what’s going on except that I sleep a lot and am cranky. They think I am just normal, I suppose 😉

Otherwise, I am feeling great. Tired. Tired. Tired.  And I swear my pants are a tiny bit tighter. Lauren said I am crazy. Who knows. Could be. No morning sickness yet ::knocking on wood::.

Thursday is my b-day and Lauren has some super top-secret plans for us this weekend. I hope my daily naps are factored in…


3 thoughts on “Go, Little Sesame Seed, Go!

  1. I love the title of this one..I especially love the memory of Sadie losing the sesame seed and Lauren exclaiming, “Did you eat the baby!?!”

  2. Gosh it seems like all this blood work is over the top! What did humans do for thousands of years before there was bloodwork??? When do they stop the 2-3 day bloodwork?

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