And We Shall Call You…

It’s a little weird to just call the thing living in my body “baby” or “the baby.”  It sounds so sterile and distant.

And while we want to try to wait as long as possible before finding out the gender, we do need to call it something.

So begins the quest for the perfect bun in the oven nickname.

When my mother was pregnant with me, I was Guido. My parents chose not to find out my gender before I was born, so for 9 long months, everything was Guido this and Guido that. My aunt even made me a sock bunny with “Guido” stitched on the butt. At my college graduation… “Go Guido!” rang out in the audience as I blushingly grabbed my diploma.

Lauren was “Katie” throughout her whole gestational life. I look at her now and cannot imagine calling her that (especially since a potential name for me was Ashley, and we would have been Mary Kate (Katie) and Ashley — ugh!).

Last week, when I would have given my left leg for a hashbrown, I suggested we call our little baby just that — “Hash Brown.” Small. Little. Tasty.

Lauren’s mom insists on calling it Katie and is even keeping a journal to Katie. I love it. I think it’s so cute. Not what we are going to name her, but adorable in it’s own way.

Our neighbor’s 2 year old daughter calls it Baby Bunny. When she came over for dinner the other night, we asked her what was in my belly and she excitedly said “Baby Bunny! Baby Bunny!”

Lauren’s best friend lives in Japan and wanted to call our baby Lunchbox — don’t know why — but settled on something more ethnic… Bento. Of all the options, I kind of like that the best.  It is the small container that holds all of my food. Not so bad… Bento. It’s different, and fun.

Aside from the gestinational nickname debate, all is going well.

Today is my birthday — woo hoo — and we are headed to my dad’s for dinner. This weekend we have some kind of mystery plans, and will be getting an attic installed in our house. Soon, we will be able to see our basement floor and no longer will have totes and boxes and junk everywhere. We will cram it all into our ceiling and pretend it’s not there.


7 thoughts on “And We Shall Call You…

  1. I love Hash Brown – seems catchy and affectionate…little hashy, H.B., Mr or Mz. Brown, Hash. Lots of possibilities with that nickname. 🙂

    Felix was zozo and even after he was born it was hard not to call him zozo for the first few weeks. We totally failed in finding a cool nickname for Mika, poor thing.

    Geez…thank gosh you weren’t an Ashley….that totally doesn’t suit you!

  2. I love Hash Brown too! When Romaine (from the Sirius-XM OutQ radio show “Derek & Romaine”) was pregnant, she & her partner called it “the bean” 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to you!
    Bento is very cute. Doesnt everyone love getting a bento box anyway? Perfect little portions of all the good stuff. 🙂

  4. First of all, Happy Birthday.
    Secondly, Bento is a perfect name for your cooking baby.
    And lastly, we hide everything in our attic too.

    Excited to find your blog and happy to watch your Bento grow. 🙂

  5. Happy happy birthday! Hope it was a great one.
    Not to be gross, but I think bento is not only cute, but also awesomely hilarious…it’ll come out of your “box”, after all! 😉

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