Oh, So You Want Cupcakes for Dinner…

Welcome to the world of nothing sounds appetizing.

Every single evening Lauren patiently rattles off the contents of our freezer, fridge and cabinets in hopes that something will sound pleasing to me. Even though she tells me that we have the same thing every night, she still calmly describes the delicious vegetable stir fry, pasta marinara or roast she could make. Any every night I make the “ewwwww” face and wait until she finds something that will work for Baby Bunny and me.

Tonight is no different.

After taking a nice nap, I woke up and was not hungry… but a little peckish.

Lauren, seeing that I had that “What the hell are you going to feed me” face, went into panic mode.

Do you want a veggie burger? No.

Do you want a chicken stir fry? No!

What about a salad? Eh… Not really…

So after a moment of thinking… she says the most brilliant thing…

How about some tater tots, a salad and a fruit smoothie!?  Oh, Yes please!

A total hodge podge of random items in our fridge was better than any “balanced” meal she could make.

I proceeded to eat a cupcake and smile as I wait for what I think will be a glorious dinner.

I do not wish pregnant hungry on anyone. It’s not even hungry. It’s either starving, hormonal eating of anything in sight or it is highly hormonal and aggrevated hungry where nothing in the world sounds good.

For poor Lauren, who has never been the cook in our house, this is probably the most challenging point of her life.

Maybe this is my body’s funny little way of preparing her for a toddler that wants to eat broccoli, yogurt and a banana for dinner. Or maybe I am just being a pre-madonna. No need to comment on that one!


2 thoughts on “Oh, So You Want Cupcakes for Dinner…

  1. Congrats, you guys!!! Mike and I are so happy for you both. You are in for one amazing ride!!!!

    Rene – Hang in there, girl. T1 is a bitch. But it gets better. 🙂

    Oh – Mike and I called our buns in the oven the “gummy bears.”

    Hope to see you soon.

    And Lauren – you hang in there too!

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