Get On The Bus!

So this weekend started off with my birthday surprise. And what a great surprise it was!

Lauren helped arrange for my friends Quinn and Kirsten to come into town from Brooklyn. They surprised me on Friday night and stayed until Sunday. It was wonderful.

Saturday we wandered around town, toured Quinn’s alma mater (Johns Hopkins) and had some tasty food at Golden West Cafe in Hampden. Oh! And I bought some delicious dark chocolate with fresh grated ginger in it. Yum! I bought Lauren some milk chocolate with coconut milk and curry.

Saturday afternoon/evening we headed over to Silo Point for the opening reception for their first on-site restaurant: Miguel’s. It was a great time. There were some butlered hors d’oeuvres, an open bar and a tequila tasting. I was able to enjoy the snacks while Lauren and Quinn were held captive at the tequila tasting table. They didn’t seem to mind too much.

After the reception died down a bit, we headed inside to dine at Miguel’s. Not only was it opening night, but it was also the playoff game for the Ravens… so service was a tad delayed… but the food was amazing and incredibly affordable. We got a ton of tortilla chips, great salsa, to-die-for guac and some real food. I got a jimica and orange salad with pumpkinseed vinagarette and tasty chicken tacos with a mole sauce, Lauren had a yummy burrito with pork, chicken and steak, Quinn had some taquitos and Kirsten had chicken tacos with a delicious pineapple salsa. Our bill — $55. Not bad!! Not at all. I would totally go back.

The weather yesterday was rainy and gloomy so after breakfast (french toast, turkey bacon and fruit) we headed to the American Visionary Arts Museum for their new exhibit. We all really enjoyed it.

Sadly, we had to send Quinn and Kirsten home on the bus after the museum and then we can home to rest and spend time together. We watched a tiny bit of the Golden Globes and I fell asleep while we watched Food, Inc. Not a bad movie, but I am now totally freaked out by ground beef and have an unrealistic fear of E. Coli. Fantastic! Just what I need when I am pregnant — more food aversions.  ugh.

Today is MLK Day so I had off of work. Despite having some kickin’ heartburn, I have been really productive. I went to the grocery store and did the week’s shopping, made lunch, walked the pups and made lasagna for dinner.

Yawn. I think it is time for a nap!


2 thoughts on “Get On The Bus!

  1. Where are you lovely ladies? My partner and I are on the edge of B’more, in Cat.on.sville. We’re in the process of trying to get knocked up now. Any interest in meeting up sometime to compare notes?

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