Driving in the Slow Lane

The joys of pregnancy have started in full swing.

In the past few days, that lovely demon of a symptom — morning sickness — has joined our team, along with her delinquent friends — killer headaches, all-the-time-irritability and crying-for-no-reason.

The one that has been the most bothersome, obviously, has been the morning sickness monster that has suddenly taken over my life.

Now, let me be clear, I have not thrown up… but I am to the point where I wish I just would. I am constantly nauseated. A dull little ache of nausea is with me when I wake up, when I attempt to eat breakfast, when I am out with friends or family and when I am just sitting at my desk. I am sure Lauren is going to buy stock in Canada Dry Ginger Ale any day now.

On Saturday it was horrible. We slept in late — mistake #1 — and ate cereal for breakfast — mistake #2. Now I have never been a cereal person. I have a mild gluten intolerance, so cereal and it’s oatmeal, bagel, muffin family always give me heartburn. Well, when you have a little creature growing in you, that typical heartburn feeling turns to nausea.

Maybe I am just hungry — I thought… so we went to join my mom, aunt and other family members for lunch.

By the time we arrived, I was a little motion-sick from Lauren’s driving, hungry from not really eating and tired. I was in prime socializing shape.

I devoured some bread — mistake #3 — ordered pasta with a nice cream based sauce for lunch — mistake #4 — and then had a few bites of cheesecake for dessert — fatal mistake #5. By the time we were finished, I thought I was going to lose my lunch all over the table. 

The drive home was awful. Lauren is a great driver, but at that point, unless I was floating on a motion-less cloud, everything was going to make me ill. I made her drive at a snail’s pace in the right lane on the highway the whole way home. I also made her stop and get me a fountain diet coke to ease my tummy.

Soon after we got home, she left for PA with her family for the night and I moaned on the couch all night about how ill I felt.

Luckily, it seems, I am beyond my foolish ways and now understand the importance of eating small snacks throughout the entire day. By the time I am hungry, it is already too late. I need to constantly have something small — a few slices of orange, a couple crackers, a piece of cheese — around to snack on.

I blame my ignorance and trouble with this constant need for snacking on society. It’s hard to be pregnant and know that you have to eat when you have grown up in a world when you are told not to eat a lot. This whole pregnancy is kind of like a mind-game sometimes.

The headaches feel like the worst sinus pressure headaches ever, and I can barely listen to the radio, watch tv or read a book without bursting into tears. I am a ton of fun to be around, I tell ya.

In other news…

We are 7 weeks pregnant! More than 1/2 way through the first trimester. Yippee.

We interviewed an OB practice yesterday. They seemed nice and were very honest and open with us, but we aren’t sure if we want to go with them. We have a meet and greet with a midwife practice in two weeks and will make our decision then.

I think I know what my decision is, but we need to get all sides before we decide.  It probably doesn’t help that I watched and am now obsessed with The Business of Being Born… 🙂


4 thoughts on “Driving in the Slow Lane

  1. Oh, you poor thing. I’m sorry nausea has hit with such force! It can be so hard to make yourself eat, I know. I found that the only time I *wasn’t* nauseous during that time was when I was eating, usually something like very salty chips, very very slowly. I hope you find a way to be more comfortable!

    Great news on 7 weeks, by the way!

  2. I’ve got lots of other suggestions for books and movies…but I’ll let you make your decision first *wink* 🙂

    My gosh, I am sure being around your loud family must’ve been quite the trip coupled with your MS. Though maybe they just helped you forget about it all with their love and laughter… 🙂

    Congrats on 7 weeks! Go Baby Bunny!!

  3. Baby Bunny is hungry! I’ve read that you should even eat something before you get out of bed. I hope you get more relief by eating often, you poor thing!
    I agree about the Business of Being Born. That documentary really made me question how we tend to view labor, birth, medicine, etc. I still don’t know what we’ll do when we get there but its a lot to process. Good for you checking out all those options!
    Congrats on 7 weeks!!

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