Well… Now I’m a Liar

All that talk in yesterday’s post about not throwing up yet, but just feeling sick…

Yeah… that’s out the window.

I am home from work, wishing they made a nice little cushion to kneel on when spending lots of time driving the big, white porcelain bus.


5 thoughts on “Well… Now I’m a Liar

  1. Awww….oh my gosh, I am terrified of throwing up, I avoid it at all costs BUT I threw up more than once IN PUBLIC, in a TRASH CAN, while pregnant with Mika. It was horrible but it had to be done. My friend gave me a great suggestion: carry a plastic bag in your purse or pocket, just in case.

    There is a homeopathic treatment: nux vomica. Try to find some candies you can suck on? Some people like those sea-bracelets though I didn’t get to try those out…most likely, it will pass and you’ll only have to deal with this for, oh, 7 more weeks. *teasing* sort of 🙂 It adds to the adventure of the pregnancy and makes the story that much more exciting in the end. 🙂

  2. I agree about the sea-sickness bracelets. 🙂 We live by the beach and often take people out whale watching. They seem to really help those who become sea-sick.
    It’s worth a try!

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