Back to the Grind

The snow has started to melt in Baltimore and that means it’s back to the grind of school, work and life.

There is something about snow that totally cripples a city, sucks all motivation out of you and causes you to eat everything in sight and sleep long hours.  I am happy to say that this storm I have an excuse — “but I’m pregnant” — so I managed to stave off morning sickness by eating — A LOT.  Healthy stuff though, don’t worry.

My latest food craving/addiction: canned peaches.

Yes! I am totally obsessed and eat at least one can of canned peaches (packed in water/water with splenda) a day. They are healthy to me since they are not in heavy, nasty syrup and I do rinse them 3 times before I eat them to get any goo off. But, I cannot get enough of them. Lauren even asked our neighbor with 4-Wheel Drive to go get me a few cans when we ran out during the storm. 

This week when we went grocery shopping, I was honestly embarrassed by our grocery cart — it had 8 cans of peaches in it. You would think that we were actually baking something or had a family of 6 to feed. Nope, just one preggo with a passion for peaches!

Another fun / strange thing happened the other day… I woke up after dreaming about black olives on pizza and just had to have them. Now, you must understand… I HATE OLIVES. My family loves them — puts them out on platters at holiday parties and eats them by the handful. I have always hated them. I am not a fan of salty foods and I just find them gross.

But last week, I found a pizza place that delivered in the snow and got a black olive and mushroom thin crust pizza. Yep — I’m officially crazy and Lauren is officially repulsed by my food cravings. I don’t think I will crave those again for a while, but it was amazing.

When my mom was pregnant with me, she ate pickled beets constantly. She always had at least 3 jars in the cabinet and has told me stories about how she would go a little nutty when her supply got low. I am thankful that I don’t have that wacky craving, but I am sure that one day I will tell my kids about the olives and the peaches and they will think I am just as weird.


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