Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

This afternoon we had our third and final ultrasound with our fertility clinic and it was fantastic.

Everyone was so happy to see us and genuinely excited for us. They don’t see a lot of people who get pregnant on the first try and the nurses were so happy I thought they were going to cry.

The doctor began the ultrasound and enlarged the screen so we could get an up close look at the little munchkin — and low and behold — it started dancing. Really! Wiggling it’s arms and legs all around. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It brought tears to my eyes.

She suggested that Lauren video tape all the movement on her phone, but just as Lauren started filming, the little stinker froze. Totally stopped dancing and despite some wiggling and jiggling of the ultrasound tools, it remained calm and wouldn’t dance anymore for us. Stubborn!

The rest of the ultrasound was just as fascinating. We got to see the fingers, toes, eyeballs and mouth areas. They were so defined and clear — compared to the blip we saw last time.  Baby Bunny’s heartbeat is strong as well — 170 beats per minute.  We were so happy.

And the best part of the whole thing — I can stop taking the progesterone pills now!!! Yay!  These horrible little pills that I take twice a day and cause nausea are no longer a part of my routine. Yippee!!

Other than that, it was a great day. Just finished up a bunch of homework and a quiz for school and hitting the sack soon. I keep fluctuating between insomnia and lethargy and this week is the latter.


5 thoughts on “Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

  1. This is soooooo great!

    A little tip someone shared with me… when you start going for ultra sounds at your regular OB’s office, be sure to drink some orange juice before you go. The little extra sugar boost makes them move all around! Of course, the ultra sound techs might not be so happy, but it’s fun to see them wiggle and jiggle. 😉

  2. Very exciting!! I bet it was amazing to see the bunny wiggling around!
    I’m glad you’re doing so well now, no more nausea hopefully. 🙂
    (BTW, I also heard that about the orange juice.)

  3. AMAZING!!! Glad to hear that the yer bento is dancing! I can actually imagine a weird japanese ad wherein a lunchbox actually dances…across a stage! anyways wow wow wow!!! much love 🙂

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