Back in the Kitchen!

Since we got our positive pregnancy test, one of my major symptoms has been my complete inability to cook. If it isn’t cereal and soy milk or peanut butter on graham crackers, I’m not making it.

Until today.

I woke up this morning feeling really moody and needy. I told Lauren I wanted her to just lie in bed and hold me all day as I cried. She rubbed my back for a while and told me to take a personal day to have some “me” time and just relax. It was the best idea ever.

I got up and got ready to go run some errands with a really positive attitude and outlook on the day — very different from the hour previous when I lacked all motivation and wanted to just stay in bed all day.

My first stop was JiffyLube to get Lauren’s oil changed, then Big Lots and Giant for some mild shopping.

Mind you, I have not grocery shopped on my own since before the big snow storm at the beginning of the month, and when I went that time I did not buy any meat because it grossed me out.

Well, not only did I do all of our grocery shopping, but I bought chicken and ground turkey and actually planned meals for this week! Then I came home and cooked chicken for paninis.  Lauren looked extremely shocked and excited to see her old wife back in the kitchen cooking. I even plan on making dinner tonight.

Now this might just be a rush of adrenaline or some good emotions running through my body, but hell, I am going to take it while I can get it.

We had a nice relaxing weekend. We spent time with Lauren’s mom on Saturday and some friends Saturday night. Sunday we were lazy and spent a lot of time inside. It was nice to be a bit of a slug.

My morning sickness has gotten better and now I am just battling a little heartburn. Not too bad. I am also able to stomach drinking water a little more than before. It was making me gag a bit, but on Saturday and Sunday I drank a ton of it and felt much better.

And onto more exciting news… I am starting to look a little pregnant. I am kind of in that “did she pork out on cookies or is she pregnant” phase, but those who know can tell. I can definitely tell, and so can the slowly growing pile of clothes that will no longer button. You could also tell by looking at my teenager skin. Ugh. I have relatively good skin, but this past week has been filled with hormonal surges and gross looking skin. Thankfully Lauren went to Ulta last week to get more products for us. I think my skin was crying for them.

All else is good. Four weeks until our first midwife appointment. 🙂


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