If I Wrote You

Ah, who doesn’t love some Dar Williams (If I Wrote You) in the morning?

I have been thinking lately that it would be kind of neat to write letters to the baby periodically and put them in some kind of book for it to read one day. Of course, the letters would be part humorous and part sweet. I think it would be something they would appreciate. So, here’s the first:

Dear Baby:

Congrats! You’re the size of a large fig this week. You are 11 weeks and 1 day old today.

Your mommy and I love to look in our baby book every week and see how big you have gotten and what cool new additions you have to your tiny body. You are growing fingernails now and you have tiny little teeth buds forming under your gums. That giant cranium of yours is still prominent, so you still resemble E.T. more than me, but I have a big head too, so maybe yours will stay that way. I apologize in advance if your mommy makes fun of you for it. She means it out of love.

Thank you, baby, for stopping some of that wiggling and moving around that was causing me some morning sickness — well, all day sickness if we are going to be honest. It let me know that you were ok in there and growing, but man, sometimes it was rough. But I would do it all again for you! 🙂

Speaking of sickness, winter is just about over here in Baltimore and spring is well on it’s way. I can feel my allergies kickin’ in. At least I think they are allergies. I called our midwife this morning to see if I need to come in because I have been feeling short of breath and I want to make sure you are getting all the oxygen you need. I am sure all is fine, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when you are growing a human — that’s what your Grandma Amy said this morning. She’s a little nutty, but when it comes to medical stuff, she is always right.

You’ve got a lot of people that love you dearly, little baby. Your mommy and I get emails and phone calls all the time asking how you are doing. Everyone is so excited to meet you, even though you’ve got a long way to go. Take your time cookin’ in there. I am in no rush at all. I am enjoying talking to you every night before bed and having mommy rub my belly every morning to say hello. 

Hope you have a great week as we approach the end of this first trimester. I promise I will take you on more walks and get some more fresh air as my morning sickness subsides. There is so much to do and see and it’s good for us to get out and explore.

Keep on cookin’.




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