Oh, this is fun!

So after feeling like total crap all week, I woke up this morning with extreme shortness of breath and started coughing up some yellow/green stuff. Yuck!

After attempting to drive to work to wait it out, I thought to myself, “Rene, this is silly. You are SICK! and Pregnant!” 

I immediately called Lauren and told her I needed to see a doctor. I also called my midwife and left a message. Surprisingly — not the sarcasm! — they did not answer or call back. I am really really really frustrated with them and might be looking for a new practice very soon, but that’s another post.

So anyway, we decided to go to the Mercy Hospital E.R. since at least our midwives work out of that hospital and could be paged or something if necessary.

The process was rather quick. Lauren says it is because we have health insurance, and I think it is because I looked like death — but either way, once they took my vitals, I was in a room in about 5 minutes.

They did a chest x-ray (with lots of protective panels for baby bunny!), a urinalysis, blood work and a sonogram.

Baby Bunny was in there fluttering around and happy. All is well and the heartbeat was a strong and steady 170. That eased Lauren’s mind.

When all the results came back, they said I have the beginning stages of pneumonia, bronchitis and a bladder infection!  Wow. Triple threat. Fun! I am now on some baby-safe meds to clear all of these things up and should be feeling better soon. I am glad we went to get checked out because I would not want this pneumonia to get worse. Luckily we caught it early.

What a way to start the weekend, eh?


2 thoughts on “Oh, this is fun!

  1. I am a friend of Stephanie’s. I have been following your journey – exciting! I hope that you quickly feel better! All 3 of you, take care!

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