Whoa There Baby Bump!

Maybe I am noticing more recently,  or maybe I have “popped,” but I am definitely starting to show and have a little baby bump. Lauren thinks it is adorable and reaches her little hands out to grab, rub or touch it whenever I walk by. I find myself touching it every now and then, but mostly grumbling when I try to squeeze into pre-preggo pants.

Today I went through my entire closet and my dresser to sort out clothes that fit and clothes that need to be packed away until further notice. I am hoping this will minimize the hormone / sleepy induced meltdowns in the morning when I can’t find  anything that fits for work.  I was actually surprised to find that there are some dresses and shirts that I have that should work for a while. Pants and skirts are mostly packed away, but I do have more options than I thought. Yay!

On the midwife front, things have definitely improved. We finally spoke to them about our concerns and they were very honest with us. They said that they are not very good at returning phone calls (hello! you’re an office!) and to use the on-call urgent line if we really need to reach them.

We had our first appointment with them last week and it went well. I will be 14 weeks tomorrow and have only gained 2 pounds. I think part of that can be attributed to my recent illness, but I really do think it is also the fact that I am eating extremely healthy. Let’s see how the second trimester goes. 

The midwife said that all looks good though. I had an exam, we talked and then we set up our next three appointments. We are all scheduled out until the end of June! That is so surreal! I cannot believe we have planned that far in advance! eeek! Then, once the appointment in June is done, we will plan our bi-weekly meetings. Wow, it is amazing how fast it is all going. Next big step — ordering nursery furniture!


2 thoughts on “Whoa There Baby Bump!

  1. All very exciting! Having the visual (baby bump!) makes it so real. Glad you’re feeling better and the midwifery issues have been worked out. Things sound like they’re going great.
    Be sure to share your nursury furniture choices. Even baby furniture is fun for those of us out in blogland. 🙂

    • I will definitely post pictures of the furniture!! We are going to wait until our next appointment with the midwife until we purchase, but we have it all picked out. For now, we are cleaning out the baby’s room and re-organizing so that when the furniture arrives we are ready!

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