Oh Look! Our Baby…

I was sitting on the couch tonight and suddenly heard Lauren snickering at her computer.

“Honey, what are you doing?”


“What did you just google search?”

“What will my baby look like”

So yes… this is what happens when your wife finally finishes her MBA and has free time on her hands… she finds an online application to merge your picture with your donor’s alleged celebrity look-alike.

Now, we have always joked around and sometimes call the baby Johnny since the cryobank listed the donor’s celebrity look-alike to be Johnny Depp. But tonight, Lauren took it a step further.

Here is the product of a photo of Johnny Depp and myself, aka our baby:

Clearly she used a photo of our baby daddy with a goatee because my immediate reaction was “why does our baby have a 5 o’clock shadow?!”

At least the baby isn’t super scary looking. Hopefully we will get an electric razor at our baby shower. It looks like we might need it.


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