The Massively Expanding Belly

This past weekend, Lauren and I had a moment of “Wow, my belly is looking bigger, we should make sure to take pictures soon…”

Well… the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray…

Monday my belly was looking a little larger and so I donned my ever attractive maternity khakis and headed to an all day meeting — where I felt… IT MOVE!!!  For the first time. Honestly, I thought it was just a tummy movement or gas bubble or something.. but no! It was definitely a little kick or wiggle. It only happened once but it was unmistakeable. I knew it as soon as it happened!

So after Monday’s excitement I came home, had dinner and went to bed to rest up for my 2 hour drive to Harrisburg yesterday morning. I had a meeting there all day and then had to drive home so I knew I needed rest.

Apparently, Baby Bunny took that as an opportunity to have a growth spurt or something… because I woke up and my belly was HUGE. Not just a bump… like a monster bump. A speed bump. A huge mound.

I have been amazed by it all day. Lauren keeps staring at it and giggling and then touching it. I think she is in shock too. When I got home last night and walked through the door, she said “Holy Baby Bump!” It really is an overnight expansion. I hope it stays this size for just a little bit. I like the look of a baby bump that kind of resembles a pot belly.


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