10 Fun Facts on a Wednesday Afternoon

Well, I am on my lunch break so I thought I would take a few moments to update the blog with a post that has been floating around the TTC (trying to conceive) blogs around. So here we go!

Thanks for passing this on to me Shroe, 10 Stix and Little Pom 🙂

Ten Interesting Things About Me (Us):

1. We met when I was a college freshman and Lauren was a junior. I was immediately in awe of her and thought she was amazing. So much so that I couldn’t speak. Literally. I was dumb-founded. To the point where she told people she thought I was retarded.

2. We both come from divorced families — which makes the holiday season oh so much fun. 4 houses. 4 parties. A short amount of time. This year — everyone is coming to us. I hope.

3. Lauren and I both went to the same elementary and middle school. I do not remember her at all (she is two years older) but she swears she remembers hearing my name on the afternoon announcements to come to the principal’s office.

4. Between the two of us, we have visited over 15 countries and would love nothing more than to travel at any given moment.

5. Lauren has a knack for naming animals “unique” names. When she was little and got a cat, she wanted to name it Box because it came in one, but her family told her that was silly. Instead, as she was getting her hair washed, she declared that it’s name would be Shampoo.

6. Lauren always claims that I am the techie one in our relationship, but she has a more advanced phone than I do and can do way cooler things with it than my little brick can.

7. My birthday is 1-14-84. Our donor’s ID number was 1-14-85. Weird.

8. If Lauren is really exhausted or intoxicated she hums herself to sleep. No, it’s not cute. It is a monotone, loud hum. But I like it anyway.

9. A few years ago we started a softball team with a local league. Lauren was the coach. The next year I was kicked off the team. Lauren was still the coach. I am not athletically inclined, but I make a damn good beer girl.

10. Our favorite time of day is right before the sun sets when there is a slight orange glow in the sky. If we are both home during this time, we typically run upstairs to snuggle in bed and spend a few quiet moments enjoying our favorite time with our favorite person.


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