Lauren’s Present from the Easter Bunny

For years, Lauren and I have been the proud owners of a generic, inexpensive charcoal grill. Or two.

See, we have never owned a nice, functional grill. Usually just the Target special that is $30, rickety and cooks food. Nothing fancy.

And every grill we have owned has come with it’s own set of issues. The most recent grill was the most pitiful of all.

The handle of the grill melted completely off. Yep. Completely. We had to use tongs to take the lid on and off while cooking. It also had the remnants of a grill cover (also inexpensive, i.e. crap) that was melted to the lid after putting it on too soon after cooking. I think our breaking point was last summer when we tried to make beer can chicken on the grill, and it’s lack of proper ventilation, proper grill racks and damaged lid. Lauren spent the majority of the afternoon sitting in a chair next to the grill with the hose in her hand, ready to extinguish the ever-present flames that ignited our dinner.

So… long story short — we needed a new grill.

And Lauren’s mom came to the rescue.

Here is our Easter / Birthday / Christmas gift:

Lauren is madly in love.


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