Itching and Bitching

Ah, springtime.

The flowers.

The sunny, warm days.

The allergies!

When I was little — 3 or 4 years old — I had horrible seasonal allergies and my parents were urged to send me to an allergist for allergy shots. My parents couldn’t bear to send me to get poked and stuck with needles so they found a holistic doctor that I went to for years. He got me on a homeopathic allergy regime that I use to this day. It helped greatly with seasonal and heat induced ezcema and sniffles.

Flash forward to last year when I realized that I should get tested to see what I was actually allergic to (since, as I learned, it changes every 7 years or so) and so I went to an allergist. After weeks of pokes, I came home with a list of seasonal and some food allergies (gluten being a big one). They wanted me to get allergy shots and I was torn between getting them or not. I knew we were going to try to have a baby and that they tell you not to get shots leading up to that. I also struggled with the idea of putting a cocktail of stuff into my body to combat allergies. In the end, I did not get the shots.

I am not regretting that decision.

I can handle some stuffiness and scratchy throat issues, but my ezcema is really out of control and driving me nuts.

Now before your mind gets away from you, I am not a big scaley monster. I am just itchy and can’t do anything about it. And it is worse than ever. I researched my current prescription meds and found that I cannot use the cream for ezcema since it has been tested and shown to potentially cause cleft lips in kids. As much as I love the Smile Train organization and think they do great work for dental and facial abnormalities, I don’t want Baby Bunny to be a spokesperson.

So, for now — at least until our next midwife appt which is next week — I am trying not to itch and researching easy, safe ways to handle it. I am thinking that some Aveeno body wash is in order as I try to stay as cool and comfy as possible to avoid any other itchy spots.

It’s right about now that I wish my sciency friends would invent a line of allergy, cold and everyday products for preggos. I know I would buy everything they make.


One thought on “Itching and Bitching

  1. Oatmeal is supposed to work really well for itching, as is witch hazel. You can find oatmeal soaps at organic stores that should relieve some of the annoyance. Take a look at Burt’s Bees products for other topical stuff that shouldn’t be harmful for the baby.

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