You Know You’re Pregnant When…

1. You stop at the grocery store to get allergy medicine (because you just can’t take the sneezing, sniffling and itchy throat anymore!) and you walk out with: allergy medicine, nasal spray, tissues, a 12 pack of donuts (because you couldn’t just buy yourself one, you had to “share with the office”) and a bottle of water.

2. Everything you pick up and use on your body is googled to make sure it isn’t going to give your baby a third arm, an extra leg or a lisp. This includes toothpaste, body lotion and antibiotic ointment.

3. When arriving anywhere, the first thing you scope out is the bathroom. The second is a bench to rest on. The third is an emergency snack machine or snack option incase your packed bag of nuts and raisins runs out.

4. If it’s past 10:00 p.m. on a week  night, chances are that you’re asleep.

5. If it’s 3:00 a.m. any night, chances are that you’re getting up to pee for the first (or second) of many times that night.

6. You now take up more room in the bed than ever before. Not because of your baby bump… but from the mounds and mounds of pillows you now need to keep you on your side and comfy.

7. “But the baby wanted to eat/drink that…” is a common phrase — in your head or outloud.

8. You fight back tears at work all day — when your favorite pen runs out of ink, when you read a sad / happy / sweet / funny story, just because.


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