Rush and Rush and Rush and Wait…

Ho Hum.

I decided to check my personal email at work this morning rather than check it before I went to the office. I thought to myself “Rene, you will be at work soon enough. You don’t have to check it right now.”

Well, it would have been better to just check it at home.

So I get to work and logon to my email to find an email from the place where we ordered our baby furniture.  Here’s a pretty little picture:

Now, when we ordered, they said that the changing table and crib were back ordered until the end of May. Perfect! That gives us some time to clean the room and move some crap out before giant, back-breaking boxes are delivered.

Or so I thought.

Unfortunately, my first looming email was from the furniture place saying that 3 of our 4 pieces are on their way to our house TODAY for delivery. So, I pack back up my bag, hop in my car and rush rush rush to our house. I knew that if I was even a minute late and missed the FedEx person that we would have to do this dance again tomorrow since they need a signature for delivery.

So I rush. Not unsafely, but definitely hurried. And I make it home. And now I sit, and wait.

I also rushed around the house and worked on some work items to prepare for a conference  call for which the lead person is now 30 minutes late. Seriously people?!  Maybe this is someone’s way of telling me to take it a little easier. grrrr.

But on better news, Baby Bunny is moving around a bunch. She definitely loves fruit smoothies with soy milk.

She is also becoming very spoiled. She has quickly accumulated some adorable clothes, toys and accessories, as well as a great fan base of people that always ask how she is doing. It must be nice to have so many people love you so much before you even meet them. She’s a celebrity of her own kind. 🙂


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