Hand Me That Screw Driver!

As of my last posting, we were patiently waiting for the furniture. Well, it arrived just before 7:00 p.m. last Wednesday and we assembled it over the weekend. Actually, Lauren assembled it while I cleaned.

And boy was there a lot of cleaning to do.

This whole process has opened my eyes to the amount of crap, junk and garbage that two people can accumulate — and it’s scary. While Lauren installed a new door knob for the baby’s room, I cleaned out my closet and the top storage shelf. Wow. That project accounted for a full trash bag full of junk. Old junk. Junk that I was actually proud of myself for ridding from my life.

I am not a super sentimental person — sure if I hear an old song on the radio I will smile or giggle — but I am not big into saving junk that I haven’t looked at in a while. I am sure this will change when the baby comes and I will save her first outfit, her hospital wrist band, etc., but for now I am the kind of person that has no qualms about throwing out old photographs and albums from middle school, giving clothes away to Goodwill or the plethora of other junk that I have thrown out recently. Lauren disagrees with me and says that I don’t get rid of stuff — and is actually telling me all about it as I write this — but to her, I don’t throw away stuff that is trash or put things back after I use them, which to a point is true…But… I digress…

So anyway, I cleaned my closet, which is now the baby’s closet and already has some teeny tiny outfits, a breast pump and some odds and ends in it. We also cleaned the ENTIRE baby’s room. Washed down the walls, baseboards, ceiling, floors and windows (inside and out). Then it was time for the fun — Lauren’s fun. She assembled the dresser and changing table. Now, I assisted (held stuff in place), but I was in charge of cleaning out our linen closet, cleaning our bedroom and cleaning the bathroom. And trust me, those were all incredible chores!

After nearly 13 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, we now have a clean baby room with a gorgeous dresser and changing table. The crib arrived yesterday and still needs to be assembled, so until that is done there will be no pictures of the room — but it looks great!

We laid a handmade blanket from my mom over top of the changing table and we added some of the hippo and elephant accents that we have received to the room. I think we have settled on a bedding pattern also, which is super exciting.

Now that the room is coming together I find myself wandering in there and just staring. Running my hands over the dresser, opening up the doors of the changing table and looking in and just imagining the crazy change our life will take in just 18 short weeks.


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