Still A Girl!

Yesterday we had our last sonogram.

We were very fortunate to have my aunt do the sonogram again, while my mom, our good friend Nas and her daughter (the two year old who created “Baby Bunny”) attend.

We confirmed again that Baby Bunny is a little girl, which is good considering we are slowly gathering more and more pink, butt-ruffle type items. I would not have returned any of them, and would have put our little boy in them if there was the chance, but I think our little girl might appreciate it more.

We also found that she is growing just as she should be and is about 1lb 3oz already! I was shocked. All of her bones, organs, etc. look great and she is very healthy and happy in there. So much so that she hid her face behind the placenta so we couldn’t get any good 3D pictures. We tried and tried and I rolled over into every position possible, but she just wouldn’t uncover her face. Looks like someone inherited some stubborness… 🙂

After the sonogram, our neighbor, her daughter, Lauren and I went to a local farm and went strawberry picking. We picked just about 10 lbs of fresh, local, AMAZING strawberries. Our neighbor’s daughter ate more than she picked I think and ended up with a giant red dyed face by the end. There was no denying that she was eating out in the “strawberry garden” as she called it.  Then we went to lunch at a great local place and had fantastic homemade ice cream. We also got to see Lauren’s family in the afternoon and babysat for our neighbor last night. It was an all around busy, exciting and fun-filled day.

Today I am finally biting the bullet and finishing this paper for grad school. 

The completion of this paper signifies me being 99.9% done with grad school, with only my capstone left to take! Clearly, I am taking the fall off of school (having a newborn and taking my capstone for my Master’s probably isn’t a good idea) and will take the final class in the spring. I am incredibly happy to be almost done this part of my life and am really looking forward to the days and nights and weekends when I have free time.

Well… as much free time as you can have with an infant, a household, a wife, a job and a life. haha.


3 thoughts on “Still A Girl!

  1. Sounds like the baby is doing wonderfully! Why is this your last sonogram? Esp since it sounds like you have a family connection for getting them?
    Congrats on being closer to finishing Grad school. I don’t think you’ll be freeing up any time though! Haha – but it’s still quite an accomplishment. 🙂

  2. Thanks again for inviting us!!! We had such a great time seeing Baby Bunny! Sadira was still talking about how cute she was today 😉

  3. WOW- I wish I were there! How truly awesome and exciting! And man- strawberry picking???! I am blue…wait…no yellow…um got it- GREEN with envy!! all my love.

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