Take That, Natural Childbirth!

Today was the final day of a year long leadership program of which I am a part. It was a great group of corporate and nonprofit leaders and executives and we got together monthly to discuss various topics affecting our communities.

As the wrap-up closing session today, we spent our time envisioning our personal and professional goals, discussing them with our peers and working with our new network of friends to help each other acheive and realize our dreams. It was a fantastic experience and a bittersweet end. I feel very comfortable with the vision I outlined, and look forward to my professional and personal future.

In our last hour or so together, we all learned to channel our breathing and emotional energy into physical strength as we broke wooden boards with our bare hands. The facilitator encouraged us to either write or imagine a struggle that we feel enscribed on the board so that our breaking of it was our ability to get through the task at hand.

Although I did not write it directly on the board, I imagined the word “natural childbirth” written all over my board. I am not fearful of childbirth, and as I have said before on here, I am actually looking forward to the experience, but I wanted to truly let myself know that I can and will have a natural childbirth and that I am strong enough to endure it for myself and our baby.

I calmly waited for a few of my peers to break their boards — and a few who could not — and then I stepped forward. I took my position, breathed deeply, imagined my words on the board and BROKE THAT BOARD IN HALF!

It was an amazingly empowering experience and one that I would do again in a heartbeat.

What a fantastically wonderful and enjoyable day!


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