Can We Stop the Car? I Have to Pee Again!

Lauren’s birthday was yesterday, so we went to the beach this weekend with her cousin and her boyfriend (the godparents of Baby Bunny) for a little “last bday before baby” vacation.  It was also Lauren’s cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday so it was a weekend of celebration!

We left on Friday around noon and drove about 3 hours to Ocean City, MD. Thankfully, we were able to find a cheap and moderately comfortable hotel right on the Boardwalk with a pool. Friday afternoon we took it easy and just wandered around. We went out to dinner (which later made me very sick — oh the joys of a temperamental preggo belly) and had a relaxing evening with friends at a local bar. We also were able to stop by my mom’s condo to see her, her sisters and my cousin who was in town to play a concert. It was great to catch up and see family!

Saturday we got up bright and early (even though I didn’t really sleep) and I tried to rehydrate myself before we headed to the beach. I did a poor job of it though, because about 2 hours after getting to the beach I was woozy, very very very overheated and quite miserable. Thankfully, Lauren and her friends were able to try to hydrate me as much as possible (even though it wasn’t helping much) and we had a cooler full of ice that I used to ice myself down. Lesson: hot weather + beaches + pregnancy = hell. I will surely be spending all of our summer beach vacation with Lauren’s family in the air conditioned condo and in the pool.

We headed to dinner and had a very nice evening on Saturday just sitting on the porch of the hotel as we people watched and chatted the night away. Sunday we had breakfast with Lauren’s mom’s family (who were also at the beach) and packed up the car to go home. All in all, I think the weekend was great. We did stop to pee 3 times on the way home which is always fun when you just want to get home, but everyone was a good sport!

Other than the weekend, things are going well.

We are 26 weeks along now, and I can almost see maternity leave lurking on the horizon. 100 days and counting until Baby Bunny is due. I still have a good amount of energy and am mostly positive. Today I felt kind of blue and gloomy, but Lauren was very good at making me smile and laugh as much as possible. She even met me for lunch and we took a short trip to Tuesday Morning where we got new 800 thread count sheets (ah, glorious!) and a vinyl mattress protector sheet. I had a classmate tell me that this was something he bought when his wife was pregnant so that incase her water broke in bed they would not have to buy a new mattress — and considering we have a very nice (and costly) mattress, Lauren was sure to buy this and just told me that it will be going on our bed on August 1st just to be safe.

Baby Bunny’s name is almost finalized, but since the middle name is up to me, I will probably wait until the last moment to decide — which means you all have to wait to find out too! 🙂


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