The Times, They are a Changin’

Here’s a short list of things that have changed / happened recently:

  • I am in the 3rd trimester!!!!!!!  AHHHHHHH.
  • I now have to get acupuncture while laying on my side.
  • I grunt whenever I bend over to get something.
  • I drop many things — and grunt a lot.
  • I know my feet are still there, but I cannot see them. They are also a tad puffy by the end of the day. Just a little.
  • Baby Bunny is a mover and shaker — she is constantly moving and wiggling. And Kicking!
  • Peanut butter is now on my do-not-eat list, as is anything tasty and fun that I used to like.
  • I get heartburn. All. The. Time. Hence the list above.
  • I pee a lot. I think I spend more time walking to and from the bathroom at work than I do at my desk.
  • I am hot. All the time. I drive with my air conditioner on full blast and then quickly scamper from my car to the air conditioned building I am entering.
  • I am starting to mildly freak out when I realize that this baby could really be born at any time, but we want her to cook for at least another 8 weeks (which would put her at 36 weeks, which is when I was born).
  • I am getting more and more and more excited every day. I cannot wait to meet this little baby.

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