Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

A few weeks ago, Lauren and I met with a lawyer to begin the mountains and mountains of paperwork necessary for the second parent adoption. We figured that the sooner we get all the paperwork in (sans the birth certificate) the sooner Lauren will be able to adopt Baby Bunny and have legal rights and protections.

Now, a few weeks later we have stalled a bit but things are moving along. I think a lot of it has to do with me and my increasing baby brain which prevents me from doing anything from eating, sleeping and functioning at home and work on a minimal level. I feel so distracted lately, and will forget anything if it is not written down. I even had to write down that I should go get my glucose test for gestational diabetes next week — or I would forget (not that I would mind forgetting an appointment to get poked and proded).

But things are moving along. Today I am going to go to Lauren’s work to get some paperwork notorized. Tonight I am going to help my mom with her letter of recommendation for the adoption and this weekend I am going to pull together the pictures we need to show that we are a family.

I have also been working on tying up some loose ends at work. Getting my maternity leave paperwork/request in, cleaning up/out my files so that the event manager that is taking over can figure out where the hell stuff is, and just generally getting ready. I know I have 12 more weeks until maternity leave, but if I wait, I will drown in stuff and get totally overwhelmed. Better to do little things now to keep up with my insanity that totally cave into it by delaying.


3 thoughts on “Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork

  1. Yikes– we have to do that. They really require PHOTO Evidence? How do you deal with taht, because, save for a few random photos, it’s mostly me OR Speedy as we aim the camera at each other…
    Good idea to do a little at a time. Last minute running about with a 9-month belly is no fun from what I hear!

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