My Name is Slug

Holy 3rd trimester, I am tired!

I always half-believe the things that I read in baby books, such as “pregnant women pee a lot,” “the second trimester gives you energy” and “pregnant women are prone to acne breakouts.”  I have quickly learned that all of these are true (sadly, my face shows the truth of the last one) whether I like it or not.

But the one that I always thought was silly was the “rumor” of how much you can feel yourself slowing down in the third trimester. Well, call me a believer now. I can feel myself slowing and being more tired — that is, when I don’t have insomnia. Ho hum.

But things are moving along. Baby Bunny is still a mover and shaker. She now starts to kick me around 5:00 a.m. when she is hungry and continues to periodically kick until I feed her/me. She is my warning buzzer to hunger, and sometimes when life is busy and hectic, I appreciate it.

So now the countdown begins… 11 weeks and a few days until her due date!!! EEEEEK!


3 thoughts on “My Name is Slug

  1. Oh no! Exhaustion AND insomnia?>! That is a cruel combination.
    I love that the baby has her own schedule already. She knows how to get your attention. 🙂
    How about some belly pics?

  2. Very exciting stuff! Right now I cannot fathom feeling MORE tired… I am still waiting for the rumored “second wind” I think I caugt it for a day but it’s been gone ever since…
    Hilarious that Baby Bunny is so demanding!

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