Flying Colors!

Finally got word today that I passed my 1 hour glucose test (for gestational diabetes) with FLYING COLORS!  They want it to be less than 140 and mine was 82!  Yay! And that’s without fasting the morning of, and indulging in some Ben & Jerry’s Fish Food ice cream the night before. So happy I passed.

The bummer is that those pesky sticky platelets that we dealt with at the very beginning of this journey are now rearing their ugly heads again. Granted, I did not ask for the blue top tubes when they drew my blood for the test, but the count was still low (it was 91k — no blue top — when it was 152k when we started with the midwives — using the blue top). The head of OB at the hospital where we are going to deliver was consulted and he wants me to get another test in 3 weeks. I am sure it is nothing and told the midwives about the inaccurate reads with other tubes, so I am hoping that will clear things up and we can move on.

But, all in all, my blood is great, Baby Bunny is kicking up a storm and we have an awesome weekend ahead!


One thought on “Flying Colors!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS (on the glucose thing not the platelet thing!) Hope everything continues down the path of the positive– and I know it will! Lovin’ the updates!

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