Can Every Day Be Today?

Wow. Today was a great day!

In addition to being super productive at work, we had a great midwife appointment this afternoon. Total weight gain at 29 weeks: 17 lbs. Not too shabby — especially considering I ate a large meal of tasty Mexican food before weighing in. 🙂  We set the rest of our appointments for the pregnancy, had a great chat with the midwife and started getting some paperwork in order to be sent to the hospital for our records. Baby Bunny is measuring in around 31 weeks, so Lauren is hoping that she is tall. I am hoping she is not 20lbs.

After the appointment I came home and took care of some items around the house… then, as Lauren was preparing dinner — OUR STROLLER AND HIGH CHAIR ARRIVED.  I have never been so excited to see that brown UPS truck. I think the delivery man was shocked to see a very pregnant woman running towards him. 🙂

It’s dinner time now, so I gotta run. Never keep a preggo from food.

** UPDATE** Ps – I realize now, looking back on the post, that I did not thank our wonderful gift givers. So, thank you very very very much to Lauren’s mom and stepdad for the stroller (we are already obsessed with it and strolled it around the house last night) and to Samantha and Lee for the fantastic high-chair!  If only you could have seen our excitement with these two items last night. I think we played with them until about 10:00 p.m. 🙂


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