Keeping the Light Out

Our bedroom is directly across from the baby’s room, and usually we keep the doors open to allow air to move freely between the rooms. Being pregnant this is especially important so I don’t overheat, since I am constantly hot. Constantly.

Recently we realized that the baby’s room receives tons of sunlight in the morning. So, to avoid a wee-little-one waking up as soon as the sun peeks in the room rather than sleeping in (haha! wishful thinking!) we decided that we needed some blinds on the windows in addition to the nice white curtains that we already have.  Easy, right? ha!

Last night, after a long day at the pool (hard life, I know) and some running around, Lauren and I headed to the baby’s room to hang some blinds. Lauren’s job was measuring the length needed for the curtain rods and then I would help with the sizing down of the blinds. One thing you need to know about our house is that it is old. About 60 years old. And all of the window frames, doors, etc. are original wood — aka petrified wood. So, screwing in a few screws into a window frame is never a walk in the park. Instead it is more of a marathon run in which you curse a lot, sweat a bunch and eventually just grab a hammer and beat the screws into the frame.  And it is in moments like this that I sit back and am glad that I am pregnant and cannot balance my belly and myself on a ladder to do the work.

After some difficulty and grumbles, one blind went up. It was almost 8 p.m. when we got it up, but you can definitely tell the difference between the light that comes in on the blinded side and the light from the non-blinded side. The other blind is a task for another day when we both have more patience, Lauren has a beer in hand and I have a helpful task around the house to do.

Our reward for getting a blind installed: washing some baby clothes (finally!), eating some decadent dark chocolate gelato and watching Alice in Wonderland.

Today’s goals: get off of the couch (where I have been for a bit), help Lauren make a fruit salad (and not eat most of it before it’s done) and go to a family cookout where I can bob in a pool all afternoon. I love long weekends. 🙂


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