Tunnel Vision

During the past 30 weeks I have been feeling great.

Two or three bouts of morning sickness, some minor pneumonia at week 12 and some just basic grumpiness. Nothing too bad to report. In fact, I would even say that I have enjoyed being pregnant and would do it again!

However… over the past week, I have begun to develop some carpal tunnel in my right hand (apparently about 25% of pregnant women get it) and it stinks. This is definitely the most uncomfortable part of pregnancy so far. Not the 105 degree weather yesterday. Not the growing out of maternity clothes (yes… I grew out of my first preggo skirt the other day). I don’t even mind the grunting when bending over or getting up.

But this constant achey joint pain in my hand and the tingley feeling is really annoying. My midwife told me to get an oh-so-fashionable wrist brace to wear, which sounds just lovely in the blazing heat and humidity — a tight little jacket for my wrist. But if it means I can sleep through the night without waking up to shake my hand around, I just might do it.


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