Squats and Soft Blankets

Last week we started our Bradley Method birthing classes. For those that are not familiar, it is a 12 week class that focuses on partner coached (well, technically it says husband, but we will ignore that glitch) birthing and natural childbirth. It differs from Lamaze and other classes in that each week focuses on a different element of your gestation that impacts your labor and delivery and provides you tools to labor medication free and relaxed.

I love our instructor and think that the class will truly be great. There are only 4 other couples so it’s a nice, intimate group. Each week, one of us brings in snacks for the group — YUM.  Each class offers relaxation techniques to use in labor, exercises to help your body prepare for labor and delivery (including helpful positions — loving practicing squats right now!) and homework. Lauren is not too keen on the homework, but otherwise she seems to be into it. 🙂

In addition to the excitement of the birthing classes, the past few days have also brought us another baby shower. My mom hosted a baby shower at her twin’s house and it was fantastic. My aunts on my dad’s side came, which meant sooooo much to me. It was so nice to have their support and kind, loving words. We also had my mom’s whole family there. It was truly a wonderful day.

We are slowly getting things in order. The room is coming together nicely (pictures to come soon, I promise!) and Lauren is home washing the bedding and tiny clothes as we speak.

Where am I?

I am in Norristown, PA (fun fun fun) for the next 3 days for work. I got here this morning and had meetings all day, so I am now relaxing in my hotel room. Tomorrow is full of more meeting and Wednesday is our annual all-staff meeting. I head home Wednesday afternoon and then embrace meetings all day on Thursday and Friday — but then… IT’S VACATION TIME!  I have all next week off to relax by the pool, sit in air conditioning and look at the ocean and enjoy some quality time with Lauren’s wonderful family. I can’t wait!!

Oh, and the countdown has begun… 9 weeks and counting… come on Baby Bunny, hold out as long as possible — I want to take advantage of the most of my maternity leave!


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