Walking With Numb Hands

We are at the beach with Lauren’s ENTIRE family (22 of us) and it is glorious. I know I will be on maternity leave in 8 weeks or so, but this brief vacation feels great. Granted, I am working every day for at least an hour checking emails and things, but being able to sleep in, sit around in my PJs and just hang out by the pool is a saving grace.

Today it was a little overcast so a group of us headed to the outlets to go shopping. I only bought a few things… one of which was this amazing, gorgeous, stylish Kate Spade diaper bag — and it was 75% off!!!!  I just couldn’t pass it up. I also grabbed a cute Christmas ornament and some tiny Christmas gifts for my grandpa.

The biggest bummer of the day: my carpal tunnel has really gotten worse. It’s only in my right hand, but my finger tips are numb pretty much all the time. I am constantly shaking my hands around to try to get some more feeling in them. They are also incredibly painful and sore when I first wake up in the morning. I am hoping that when I go to my spa day on Wednesday (yay prenatal massage!!) they can work on my hands. I am thinking more and more that I really need to look into some serious acupuncture for it or other methods. I was taking 1 regular tylenol once a day, but I ran out and with this stupid Tylenol recall, I can’t find any in stores — and of course, that’s all us preggos can take. Grrr. Oh well.

On the deck for tomorrow: some time at the pool, a little work and some R&R. Oh, and there is also a family talent competition tomorrow night. Lauren is bugging me to figure out our talent. I told her that I think gestating is pretty remarkable. She did not agree.


4 thoughts on “Walking With Numb Hands

  1. Rene,

    So sorry the carpel tunnel isn’t getting better. I HIGHLY recommend acupuncture for ANYTHING. I did it my entire pregnancy with Ryan and I think it helped with a LOT. Wish I could have done it with this pregnancy. My cousin suffered horribly during her first pregnancy with the CT. I can remember she wasn’t allowed to use scissors at her baby shower cause they were afraid she might slip and cut her self with them. As for the Tylenol…try the Walmart generic brand…I should be next to all the empty spaces on the shelf…at least that was the answer my doctor gave me! Good luck and enjoy the vacation!

  2. OMG – you know what I just realized – our little girl’s name’s rhyme! Lillian and Jillian! Oh and P.S. I LOVE the Kate Spade bag!!!!

  3. sorry about the carpal tunnel… I fortunately avoided that nightmare during my pregnancy… You should be able to find acetominophen at the pharmacy which is the same thing as tylenol… The only thing to be recalled is the brand name but the generics are fine… Good luck.

  4. She poo-poohed gestating?! Put that in your pocket and bring it up EVERY DAY when it’s her turn to cook up a baby.

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