Platelet Schmatelet

Two more days of vacation. It has been wonderful. Yesterday all of the ladies in the house went to get spa treatments. I had a prenatal massage and it was heavenly. Baby Bunny was moving around the whole time! I think she liked it a lot. Lauren got a facial and loved it! 🙂  She also surprised me when we checked out and purchased me this gorgeous organic cotton delivery gown that they sold. It says “I dream of sushi” and it is a lovely alternative to the nasty hospital gowns. I think it will truly be a relaxing addition to our experience. Plus it’s super cute 🙂

Today I got my results about my platelets. They are lower still. In February they were 151,000, then in June they dropped to 91,000. When I just got my count done, the regular count was 81,000 and the citrated count was 75,000. So, since they want it to be at 150,000 for a safe and happy delivery (there are some not fun side effects and concerns that I am not mentioning because I am sure it is nothing to worry about), I am headed back to the hemotologist for more testing. The midwife said that the head of OB at the hospital where we are delivering recommends platelet transfusions, so we will see what the hemotologist says. That appointment is on Tuesday. What a fun way to get back into the work week. Keep your fingers crossed that all is ok. I am sure it is, but it is still a bummer…

Ok… off to shower, head to a happy hour with Lauren and the cousins (seltzer water for me, please) and then a yummy dinner with Lauren’s mom. Hope everyone in blog land is doing well.


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