No Baby in the Grass

In February I found out that Tegan and Sara were playing near us on July 31st. I told Lauren how much I wanted to go, but that I just knew at 34 weeks pregnant it would be way too much. Especially since we would have purchased lawn seats.

Then 2 months ago, we made the decision to purchase Lilith Fair tickets for their final tour date — which was 3 days after the Tegan and Sara concert. Yep — I know — it makes no sense.

So last night was Lilith and it was a ton of fun. We went with our boys B&E and had a really really great time. Sure there was lots of walking back and forth to the bathroom to pee (thank goodness we parked our blanket close), some stretching on the blanket to get comfy and the purchase of expensive concert food to satisfy Baby Bunny — but it was amazing. She was not a big fan of The Indigo Girls or Court Yard Hounds, but she was grooving to Missy Higgins and Sarah McLaughlin, which made her mommies happy.

All in all, it was a great night. And the best part — Baby Bunny decided not to make her appearance at Lilith Fair. It would have been a great hippie place to do it, but I am happy that she is content in her little waterbed.


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