The Countdown Begins

We are exactly 30 days away from our due date and Lauren and I are both bursting with excitement.

On Saturday we were given an amazing baby shower by Lauren’s family and Baby Bunny was spoiled rotten yet again. She received a ton of clothes (little fashionista) and lots and lots of practical and much needed items. It was a great day and we had so much fun.

With just about 4 weeks until our due date, I can absolutely feel things changing with my body.

She has absolutely dropped and I spend more time going to the bathroom than sleeping, eating, seeing Lauren or working. I think I might just move my computer and desk into the women’s bathroom at work. I might be more productive if I can multi-task.

I am also slowing down. Whereas I used to be able to run run run run run all day long, I am noticing that getting up in the morning is getting tough and I am ready for a nap or bed much earlier. 

Despite being exhausted, sleep is becoming a little more difficult. I feel like I am merely taking small 2 or 3 hour naps in between potty breaks, rather than getting true R.E.M. sleep. I suppose it’s my body’s way of preparing me for feeding Baby Bunny at all hours.

Braxton Hicks contractions are picking up, but nothing alarming. I just notice them more than I did before. Friday, however, I did have a (Braxton Hicks?) contraction during which I had to breathe through. It was a rough and caught me by surprise. The dogs were also totally perplexed and concerned, with each of them pacing around. Nice to see that when the real day comes they will be total basket cases.

Oh, and Lauren is convinced that I was nesting tonight, but I was just straightening up and putting things away. It’s not like I scrubbed the floors…

Other than that, things are good. We have a midwife appointment tomorrow afternoon. It’s the fun 36 week appointment where my big ole pregnant belly gets poked and proded, I get the Group B Strep test and an internal exam and we go over our birth plan. Just how I want to spend my Tuesday. Ugh! 

Wednesday we have our hematologist appointment where we find out what my platelets are doing and what to do about them. We are heavily leaning towards the transfusion over the steroids for the simple facts that the steroids have not been proven to not harm the baby and taking them would not allow me to breastfeed until they are out of my system — and with me taking them until delivery day, that just won’t do.

We also have our second pediatrician interview on Wednesday night. He comes highly recommended, so we’ll see. We interviewed an amazing pediatrician last week that we love — so it’s now just time to make a decision after Wednesday.

Carseats are installed, room is ready and hospital bag is slowly being packed. We still have some missing items but it is coming together…

We want this baby to cook a little longer… but we are sooooo excited to meet her…


One thought on “The Countdown Begins

  1. Just to be clear, Rene doesn’t “straighten up” unless I nag her. She has many amazing qualities, but tidying up is not one of them. As I’m writing this, she is vacuuming, swiffering the baby’s room…oh and she started a load of Lillian’s laundry. It’s like a compulsion for her now. Last night she cleaned the kitchen at 9:30 p.m. Rene can spin this however she wants to, but she is nesting.

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