Well, Crud!

So the hematologist appointment today didn’t go as great as hoped.

My platelet count is the lowest it’s ever been — at 60,000 — and so they recommended steroids. We went in there thinking that if this was the case we would ask for the IV platelet infusion therapy, but once we told her my current stats of 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced and station +1, she said that the infusion would take too long to work and I might not have too much longer to cook this baby.

So, steroids it is. I am definitely bummed about it and worrying about it transferring through breastmilk to the baby after delivery, but what can ya do?

She also thinks, now after 4 office visits in the past 10 months of consistently low platelet counts, that I have ITP. So my body doesn’t recognize my platelets all the time and it kills them, fan-freakin’-tastic. Oh, and we have to get the baby’s platelet count tested when she’s born. Awesome. Just what I want to do – poke my poor baby with needles. Yippee, welcome to the world, Lillian.

And just to top it all off, my blood pressure was elevated at yesterday’s midwife appointment and today’s appointment. Not too high (120/80), but they want me to take it easy. Ha! Sure, let me just pencil that into my busiest month ever at home and work.


I would like to request a do-over on this day, please…


5 thoughts on “Well, Crud!

  1. I am sorry to hear that the appointment did not go well. Know that whatever you must do to bring Baby Bunny into this world is done with so much love.

  2. 😦 You can only do your best. Sounds like the baby is coming pretty soon though. So hopefully not too many steriods in the meantime.

  3. oh honey- I am so sorry to hear all that bad stuff. Seb and I send you and lauren love hugs and support from across the globe. We’re thinking of bento-chan and hoping she stays in her oven for as long as she can!!!!

  4. new reader here! I’m way late, but congrats on your almost ready to come out baby! Lillian is such a pretty name, and I hope that her platelet count is perfectly normal. =)

  5. Keep cookin’ Lily Pat!! Please stay positive my love, even though it’s easier said than done. Here’s your first lesson in mommyhood–having to do things you REALLY don’t want to do (booo steroids!) but you know will be the best for you and your tiny girl. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes as planned and those darn platelets get nice and sticky!!! Love love love.

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