They’re like tiny aches… right?…

Since Wednesday or so I have been having these achey, cramp type feelings in my uterus. I was convinced they were just little mild aches, until we went to our birthing class on Thursday and the instructor said that these “cramps” are really just small contractions — my body’s way of getting ready. They are rather constant, but not bad or horribly uncomfortable, just annoying. And they are definitely different than Braxton Hicks, which seems to occur on and off all day.

Our instructor was also pleased and excited to hear the centimeter, effacement and station report from the midwives on Tuesday. She said that hopefully this means I will get some pre-labor out of the way before the real thing kicks in with serious contractions. πŸ™‚Β  One of our dear, brillant doctor friends also got us excited by saying she has women that come in with real contractions to L&D that are not as far along. So I hope that this is just Lillian’s way of getting me ready and moving along without causing me to rock back and forth like a crazy woman on my yoga ball.

Lauren is beside herself and constantly just stares at me and asks how I am doing. She and my mom are convinced that this week will be the week, and as much as I hope so too, I am trying not to get too excited.

Their reasoning for thinking it’s going to be this week?

Tuesday is the day they are guessing specifically, which is not only a full moon, but it is also supposed to rain all day (barometric pressure change and my own personal positive superstition) and it is a physical critical day for me biorythmically speaking. My family are big believers in biorhythms and they think a physical critical day is a good sign for a day to go into labor. So, we shall see…

I have a midwife appt tomorrow evening and we will get to see how things have changed. I have noticed some pulling / stretching feelings in my baby makin’ area so let’s see if it means anything…


4 thoughts on “They’re like tiny aches… right?…

  1. Hope she comes on Thursday so we can share the same Bday. LOL
    I wish u guys the best! I hope u blog about the whole birthing experience cause I am almost ready to pop and would like to hear how it all went.

  2. Ohhhh how exciting!! You are so, so close now! Sure sounds like your body is getting ready to go. Please keep us posted. πŸ™‚

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