Snug and Cozy

The midwife appointment this week went well. Her heartbeat is strong and they are estimating that she is about 6.5 lbs at this point. If I go to 40 weeks, we are probably looking at an almost 8 lb butterball 🙂 

No internal check this week, although I did make sure to tell her about my “aches” and what she thinks is the beginning of me losing my mucus plug. At the end of the appointment she said that they will either see me next week at our scheduled appointment or in the hospital to have the baby. So, now, we just wait…

Today I got my most recent platelet count results: They are up from 66k last week to 72k, so the steroids are doing something. I now have a standing appointment at 8:00 a.m. every Tuesday to get blood drawn and see how things are moving. The steroids are giving me killer heartburn and making my legs and ankles puffy (as if I didn’t do that on my own), so I am hoping things pick up soon and I can ween off of these nasty pills.

I have had some more intense aches recently, but no closer than 1.5 hours and they only last about 15 or 20 seconds. I had a few at work on Monday and some yesterday during my marathon day of meetings. Today she was relatively quiet except for a contraction while I was driving home and a little ache while I was resting on the couch. I think she must know that her mom is working 50+ hours this week (including half of Saturday) and she is trying to be nice to me.

Other than that, all things are ready. Baby’s room is prepped, hospital bag is mostly ready, gift basket for nurses is good to go, first stage labor foods and comfort items for home are in place — now we just need Baby Bunny!


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